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Guiding Principles

At Door to Door Health, we’re expanding the ways people obtain quality healthcare. Our goal is to deliver care on-site where people live and/or work, removing physical and behavioral barriers limiting access to quality care (lack of mobility, mental state, fear, persistent apathy) that ultimately results in big bills from ER visits & hospital admissions.

We want people to maintain their health and independence longer – staying in their homes and living with dignity.

We want quality, affordable healthcare to be accessible to everyone. We plan to level the service-pricing playing field, making costs more affordable for self-insured employers, individual and families vs. those with insurance-negotiated pricing.

We believe in value-based care with a focus on prevention and wellness, care plan and medication adherence – especially for people with chronic conditions.

We believe in treating the whole person with 360-degree care and long-term strategies, not short-term fixes.
Las Vegas, Nevada
Toll free: (833) 344-5600